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Volume 165: girls underwater at French waterpark
Volume 163: underwater at Italian waterpark
Volume 157: Brazilan girls at beaches and Carnaval
Volume 156: Brazilan girls at beaches and Carnaval
Volume 133: Ipanema beach 1986-2005
Volume 131: DVD 131 ALL Digital ALL Girls ALL Brazil ALL New
Volume 124: All new motion menu Kids Carnaval 42 video clips
Volume 124: The all new Brazilvideo digital-HD motion-menu DVD by theme
Volume 118: 90 Min of The Girls of Ipanema 90 MIN
Volume 115: Rio Carnaval Competition for Dancers in Costume
Volume 115: beaches and Rio Carnaval
Volume 114: Rio Carnaval
Volume 112: DVD 112 $40 Rio Waterparks Beaches
Volume 106: This page has gifs from 1 hour video
Volume 106: EXTREMELY GOOD VALUE Brazil Beaches and Carnaval
Volume 104: Rio Carnaval Rio Carnaval Junior Division
Volume 102: DVD 102 Kids Carnaval Private Parties
Volume 99: DVD Private Parties Rio Carnaval Kids Costume Competition
Volume 96: Beaches and resorts of Cannes
Volume 94: 2hrs Brazil Carnaval 1999, color, costumes, dancing
Volume 93: Girls in thong bikinis doing Lambada,Aerobics on beach
Volume 93: REMASTERED 2004 for New content,better picture and sound
Volume 89: DVD Copacabana Beach
Volume 82: Naked Lolitas of Copacabana
Volume 81: DVD Brazilian Girls Showing off string bikinis
Volume 81: Brazilian girls in little bikinis
Volume 66: Paradise lost, Brazil in the 80's.
Volume 47:
Volume 44: Blond lolitas in thongs French Riviera
Volume 29: Brazil.STUNNING Teenage Girl. Perfect photography Close Up Long sequences
Volume 29: BRAZIL TEEN
Volume 28: Lolitas of Barra de Tujuca (Where Olympics took place)
Volume 27: Ipanema in 1990s
Volume 11: Lolitas of Ipanema showing off
Volume 10: Buzios
Volume 10: Buzios in 1990s
Volume 8: flex and gymnastics
Volume 7: 25 years of collecting videos and pics in one place
Volume 7: flex and gymnastics
Volume 6: flex gymnastics
Volume 6: naked lolitas
Volume 5: videos deleted from youtube
Volume 5: videos deleted from youtube
Volume 4: Desafio da Piscina
Volume 4: desafio and best friends challenge
Volume 3: HD videos and photos
Volume 2: pics gifs video
Volume 1: pics gifs video
Volume 1: Too sexy for Youtube All the good stuff deleted by Youtube
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